Good (coin grade).  Good grade coins are heavily worn. The design and legend are visible but faint in spots. This grade is rarely used by Forum and only used for very rare coins that are collectible in this grade.

Goed (Netherlands coin grade equivalent to Good).

Glasgow, Hunterian Museum.

See Voetter.


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G. - Respecting this letter Rasche observes, that amongst the ancient Romans C filled the place of the later adopted G.

G. - Accordingly, in a very ancient inscription, LECIONES is found for LEGIONES. - On a coin of the Ogulnia gens OCVLNIVS is written for OGVLNIVS.

F. as an alphabetical mark of the die is observable on many coins of the Roman Republic.

G. Galerius. - G. MAXIMIANVS. Gal. Maximianus.

G. Germanica. - VICTORIA G. M. - Germanica Maxima, on coins of Valerianus senior, and Gallienus. - Khell. Supplt. to Vaillant. p. 184 

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