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FEDCVNDITAS - A woman seated on the ground with a cluster of grapes in her laft hand, and resting her elbow on a basket or vase, is touching with her right hand a globe adorned with stars, over which four small figures are walking. Gold of Julia Domna.

On coins of Hadrian, and also of Commodus of AD 187, in connection with a very similar type, we read the legend TELLVS STABIL. Consequently, by this application of the two different inscriptions to one of the same type, is indicated that "the earth was strengthened (tellus stabilita) by the fecundity of woment consequent on marriages." D. N. Vet. |vii| 196.

"The flatterers of Julia Domna pretended that all things were owing to her. The star-besprinkled globe represents the Roman world, which with her husband Septimius Severus she governed; and to the empire of which she destines her two sons, Caracalla and Geta, who, together with as many daughters, are the proof of her fecundity." Rasche, T. |ii| pl l p 932.

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