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    EBORACUM or EBURACUM, now York; the chief city of Northern Britain, or Valentia, and the station of the sixth legion, surnamed Victrix. Aurelius Victor terms it a municipium; and the sculptures, pavements, inscriptions, and other remains discovered on and about its site, prove that it was a large and flourishing city, second, probably, to Londinium only. It was the residence, during their expeditionary visits to Britain, of the emperors Septimius Severus and Constantius Chlorus, both of whom died there, the former in A.D. 211, and the latter in A.D. 306. Coins have been cited as inscribed COL. EBOR. but if any such exist, they were issued from the workshops of the falsarii, and not from any mint at Eburacum. It is to be noted, that while we have coins of the Constantine family inscribed PLON. Pecunia Londinensis, we have none recording York; neither does it appear to be indicated by the exergual letters on any of the coins of Carausius and Allectus.----For the antiquities of York see the Rev. C. Wellbeloved 's "Eburacum."

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