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DIS AVSPICIBus TRibunicia Potestate II COnSul II Pater Patriae. - Hercules and Bacchus (Liber) standing slightly left side by side, nude, heads left, Hercules with the Nemaean Lion's skin on his left arm and resting his right hand on his grounded club. Bacchus holds a cantharus in his right hand and rests his left on a thyrsus, a panther sits left at his feet.

The title of Dii Auspices (the gods-protectors) was given to the deities in general, and to each of them in particular, acknowledging their special protection; and sacrifices were offered to them accordingly. This legend and type help confirm what Dion states, the Severus built a grand temple to honor Hercules and Bacchus.

When Septimius Severus advanced into the East against Pescennius Niger, he chose Hercules and Bacchus as his patrons, probably because ancient traditions designated the two as the first conquerors of that region.

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