Caesarea Ad Libanum

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    CAESAREA ad Libanum (Phoeniciae) colonia, formerly Arca, now Aresce, Archis, Arka. - The imperial coins of this city are in Greek brass of Antoninus Pius and M. Aurelius, and in Latin brass of Elagabalus, and Alexander Severus. - [Its era that of the Seleicidae, commencing in the year 442 of the foundation of Rome, 312 before the Christian era.] - Mionnet thus describes one of the Latin coins extant of this colony: -
     Elagabalus. - ... ANTONINVS. Head laureated.
     Rev. - COL. CESARIA (sic). LIB. ALPH.
A temple, of which the dome is supported by two Hermes. Below is the half-length figure of a female veiled, the head drooping towards the shoulder, on which is a crescent; on one side the Sun, on the other the Moon; to the right a sceptre.
     Severus Alexander. - A coin  dedicated to this emperor has the figure of Astarte in a temple.




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