Latin: Perserver, Protector, or Defender.


CONSERVATOR. Preserver, Protector, or Defender. This term frequently occurs on Roman coins; and has reference, in the first place, to those deities whom the emperors honoured as their favourite tutelaries, in professed acknowledgement either of their general protection, or of some particular favours. (Jobert, i. 231).
The attributes of a CONSERVATOR are annexed on coins, to the names of Jupiter, Apollo (or Sol), Neptune, Mars, Hercules, and also of Bacchus, under the appellation of Liber Pater.
In the next place, it refers to the Emperors themselves, some of whom were so called on their coins; as in the CONSERVATOR PIETatis of Gallienus. The emperor standing with spear in left hand, holds his right extended above the head of a kneeling figure. Also CONSERVator SALutis, PATRIAE, VRBIS, SVAE (Romae), AFRICAE, KARThaginis, EXERCITVVM, and MILITVM.

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