Augurate Of Mark Antony

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AUGURATE OF MARK ANTONY. - There are gold and silver coins of Mark Antony on which the official title, accompanied by the robe and crook of the augurship, is conspicuously represented. On the obverse (as on the woodcut above) we read Marcus ANTONIVS, Marci Filius, Marci Nepos, AVGVR IMPerator TERtium. A male figure, in the trabea, walking right, holding a lituus. On the other side is the radiate head of the Sun, surrounded by the abridged inscription of Antony's other titles, viz. Triumvir Reipublicae Constituendae, Consul Designatus, Iterum, et Tertium. The veiled and robed figure, holding the lituus, represents Mark Antony as Augur.

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