Aquilia Severa

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AQUILIA SEVERA, the second wife of Elagabalus.—This princess, who is described to have possessed great personal attractions, was the daughter of Quintus Aquilius, who had been twice Consul, during the reign of Caracalla. Elagabalus, after repudiating Julia Paula, took Aquilia from the sacred community of the Vestals, and married her, in the year A.D. 220, to the great consternation of both priests and people at Rome.—In a few days, she was also divorced by that wretch of an Emperor, who then took Annia Faustina to wife, and afterwards two other ladies. Tired of the three last, Elagabalus expelled them each in their turn, from his palace; and profaned again the rites of matrimony by again espousing Aquilia Severa. She continued with him till the termination of his monstrous life and most execrable reign, A.D. 222.—The prenomen of Julia is added on her coins, she being thereon styled IVLIA AQVILIA SEV (or SEVERA) AVG.—The Senate enslaved to the imperial will, confirmed to this empress, the title of Augusta, which Elagabalus had given to her.—All her coins, in each metal and size, are more or less rarity: in gold of the highest degree.—Some coins represent her with Elagabalus.

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