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AELIA and ALLIA. Plebeian gens. - The surnames of this family, as they appear on its coins, are Bala, Lama, Paetus, Sejanus. Twentyfour varieties. Silver and first brass common. The brass were struck by the monetal triumvirs of Augustus, or are colonial of Bilbilis, in Spain. The following denarius is the least common: - Obverse, head of Pallas, behind it X.
Reverse, F. PAETVS, below, ROMA. The discouri (Castor and Pollux) on horseback. - The word ROMA shows the coin to have been struck at Rome. The discouri on horseback, with spears in their hands, and the pileus on their heads, with stars over them, are frequent and accustomed types of the ancient denarii. It refers to Publicus Aelius Paetus, who was consul with Cornelius Lentulus, A. U. C. 553 (B. C. 201).

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