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ABVNDANTIA AVG (Abundantia Augusti) S C. In his equally pleasing and instructive work on the large brass coins of his own choice collection, Capt. W.H. Smyth, R.N., F.R.S, &c. thus describes, and comments on, a finely preserved specimen of the mint of Gordianus Pius, bearing the above legend. The type presents "a female standing, who, habited in the stola and wearing a diadem, is emptying the Amalthaean horn, from which a shower of money descends. Abundantia was a profuse giver of all things, at all times; but Copia seems to have been applied to provisions, and Annona was restricted to the management of the supply for the current year. This type of Abundantia illustrates Horace,

Aurea fruges Italium pleno diffudit copia cornu."

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