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Photographing Ancient Coins (11 pages)
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Numismatic Bulgarian — some useful words
Table of emperors against their RIC and RCV volume(s).
Hellenistic Names and their Meanings.
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The Story of Medusa
Sol and Oriens
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Ancient Monsters
Cybele, The Mother Goddess
The Winged Horse Pegasus
Dionysos and Father Liber
Site Map (You Are Here)
River Gods
Juno, Queen of the Gods

Athena's Aegis
Mars, the god of War

Snakes on a Coin
Venus, Ancestress of Rome

The Fire Altar
Saturn, God of the Golden Age

Sacred Stones
Neptune, the Sea God

Hairstyles of the Rich and Famous
Mercury and his Magic Wand

Roman Coins as Wedding Gifts
Vulcan, God of Fire and the Forge

Gods of the Solar System
Serapis, invented in Egypt

Earth, Water, Fire and Air
Isis, Goddess of the Nile

Publius and Lucius were Brothers
Shining Apollo, the Far Shooter

Ancient Vessels
Hercules, the Heavy Hitter

Pan and His Lagobalon
Diana the Huntress

Aurelian or Alice?
Salus and her Snake
Colourful Patinas

Holed Ancient Coins
A Good Outcome
Gallery of Holed Coins (10 Pages)
Concord and Harmony

Tracing a Holed Tetradrachm
Spes, Personification of Hope

Edward Allen Sydenham
Romulus and Remus

Unique Ancient Coins
The Horn of Plenty

Identifying Spes Coins
Virtus and Her Parazonium

Coins of the Month, 2006
Happiness, Cheerfulness and Joy

Untold Secrets
Chaste Modesty

Hut Coin Gallery
Fides: Loyalty and Trust

Hut Coin Analysis
Pietas  —  Their Pious Duty
Flow Marks and Halos
Nobilitas  —  Their Illustrious Ancestry

Depressions Around Lettering
Luna and Selene

Crystallisation and Embrittlement
The Corn Supply to Rome

Galleys and Sea Power

Children on Roman Coins

Earthquake Weather

Branches Everywhere

Boys Riding Goats

Leaning on that Column

Heads in Hands

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