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Emperors Listed by their RIC and RCV Volumes

This page is for the benefit of anyone who wants to know in which volume of a reference work to look for coins of any given Roman emperor or family member who had coins struck in their name. The table covers "The Roman Imperial Coinage" and David Sear's "Roman Coins And Their Values." Details and notes are below the table; or follow this link.

This page was inspired by the common practice, when giving references for coins – especially in The Roman Imperial Coinage – of stating the work and a number, but not which volume and sometimes missing other essential details. For example, wives are usually listed and numbered under the name of their husband, and this list will state who that is.

I have attempted to include all personages in the period of the Empire who had coins struck in their name. The reference works also list a few restorations of Republican coins which are not indexed here. I can't guarantee that I have not missed anything out!

Two main references are covered here. One is David Sear's "Roman Coins And Their Values," abbreviated as RCV. This is a general reference of great value to beginners and those who enjoy Roman coins but do not specialise in any particular area. There is an early version in one volume, of which the latest revision was dated 1988; this is relatively superficial and I will only note it for coins not covered in the Millennium Edition, which has three volumes to date with (at least?) one more to come. So the references will either be for the 4th Revised Edition, dated 1988; or parts of the Millennium Edition, dated 2000, 2002 and 2005.

The other reference covered here, and the one which inspired the creation of this table, is "The Roman Imperial Coinage," abbreviated to RIC. It is not the most detailed or the most specialised reference, but it is the standard reference of choice for almost all purposes. The aim of RIC is to include all known Imperial coins, whereas RCV includes only a good representative sample. There are ten volumes in the series, some of them in several parts, and some have been revised and reprinted since their first appearance. I will give the most recent reference, and I will refer to the volumes by their number and, where relevant, part number, as: V, 1.

In vols I to V and X, the number series starts afresh for each emperor. In vols VI to IX, each mint has its own number sequence which includes everyone who had coins struck in their name at that mint.

Volume I: Reference is to the second edition, dated 1984, not the first edition dated 1923. Any numbered coin references you find can be expected to refer to this edition.

Volume II is a special case. As of February 2008, there is a new and completely revised version of part of vol II, with new numbering for all the Flavian coins, which I will refer to as RIC II 2007 (that being the date of publishing as shown in the book itself). People still covered by the older version will just be listed as RIC II. A new print of the second part of vol II is also due out (originally supposed to be in 2008, but it's still not here as of August 2010!); when that happens I will update those references to RIC II (and the new publishing year). I expect the numbering system for this part to stay the same. Because the new edition has just come out, many references you find will still be to the older one.

Vol IV is in three parts, but for some reason, the most recent print of these combines them into one physical binding.

Vol V is in two parts, printed as two separate volumes.

The content of this page was last updated on 10 August 2010

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