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A bronze coin of Thyateira in Lydia showing Apollo and a labrys Coin Type: Bronze AE17 of Thyateira in Lydia.
Mint and Date: Thyateira, 2rd century BCE.
Size and Weight: 15mm x 17mm, 3.35g
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right.
Reverse: ΘYATEI / (PH)-NΩN
Labrys, upright; grain ear in right field.
Provenance: heere-muenzen (eBay), February 2011
Ref: GCV 4743 var (symbol in field); SNG Copenhagen 570; BMC Lydia —; SNG von Aulock 3200; Laffaille —. (All but GCV taken from a CNG specimen on line).
BW Ref: 003 052 000
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