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A silver diobol of Taras showing Athena's helmeted head and Hercules Coin Type: Chipped silver diobol of Taras (Tarentum) in Calabria.
Mint and Date: Taras, 4th century BCE.
Size and Weight: 12mm x 13mm, 0.87g
Obverse: Head of Athena right, wearing a crested helmet decorated with a hippocamp.
Reverse: Hercules standing right, strangling the Nemean lion. Club and bow behind. K between legs.
Provenance: Harlan J. Berk, Ltd (eBay), October 2008. Ex John Twente animal collection. Ex Glendining, 3/90 (part lot).
Ref: GCV 351
BW Ref: 001 039 132
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Note: This coin is a little light for a diobol (Sear says c. 1.2g), but that is probably esplained by the missing piece that has been chipped from it. The type, including the signature between Hercules' legs, is just as Sear describes for a diobol, except that no reverse legend is visible. The legend TAPANTINΩN is probably off the flan to the right.

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