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A bronze coin of Syracuse showing Artemis or Arethusa and Pegasos Coin Type: Bronze AE19 of Syracuse, reign of Hieron II, 271-215 BCE
Mint and Date: Syracuse, 271-215 BCE
Size and Weight: 15mm x 17mm, 3.12g
Obverse: Head of Artemis or Arethusa left, hair bound in ampyx and sphendone; bucranium (?) behind.
Reverse: Pegasos flying left.
(IEP)ΩNOΣ below.
Ref: GCV 1219; Calciati 202.
Provenance: numismatiklanz (eBay), June 2009
BW Ref: 008 042 143
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Note: Sear, for his specimen, gives the control symbol on the obverse, behind the female head, as a poppy head. The symbol on this coin is either a stylised bucranium with fillets hanging from horizontal horns, or a simple letter T, depending how the rather faint markings are interpreted.

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