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A silver  Roman Republican denarius of L. Cassius Q. f. Longinus with the heads of Liber and Libera. Coin Type: Silver denarius of L. Cassius Q. f. Longinus, Roman Republic, 78 BCE.
Mint and Date: Rome, 78 BCE.
Size and Weight: 19mm x 20mm, 4.01g
Obverse: Head of young Bacchus or Liber right, wreathed with ivy, thyrsus over shoulder.
Reverse: Head of Libera (Proserpina) left, wreathed with vine.
L•CASSI•Q•F behind.
Provenance: Pecunem Auction 16 by Gitbud & Naumann, lot 779, May 2014
Ref: RCV (2000) 317; RSC Cassia 6.
BW Ref: 057 041 140
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