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A silver Roman Republican denarius of P. Clodius M. f. Turrinus with a reverse showing Diana Lucifera. Coin Type: Silver denarius of P. Clodius M. f. Turrinus, Roman Republic, 42 BCE.
Mint and Date: Rome, 42 BCE.
Size and Weight: 17mm x 18mm, 3.91g
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right, lyre behind.
Reverse: Diana Lucifera standing facing, head right, holding two long torches. Bow and arrow case on her shoulder.
P. CLODIVS before, M. F behind.
Ref: RCV (2000) 492; RSC Claudia 15.
Provenance: Sayles & Lavender (Vcoins), October 2007.
BW Ref: 041 035 116
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