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A Roman Republican silver denarius of C. Norbanus showing the head of Venus Coin Type: Silver denarius of C. Norbanus, Roman Republic, 87 BCE
Mint and Date: Rome, 87 BCE.
Size and Weight: 18mm, 3.92g
Diademed head of Venus right, control numeral behind, name below.
Reverse: Ear of barley, fascis and caduceus.
Provenance: Freeman & Sear (Vauctions), July 2005
Ref: RCV (2000) 278; RSC Norbana 2.
BW Ref: 014 024 030
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Note: Notes by Seaby: "The reverse type is probably an allusion to the moneyer's father and the part he played in Sicily during the Social War, when he raised troops, organized a fleet, and provisioned the town of Rhegium. It must have been a very large issue as the numbers on [this type] run from I to over CCXX."

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