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A Roman Republican silver denarius of Mn Fonteius C F showing Apollo and a winged Cupid Coin Type: Silver denarius of Mn Fonteius C F, Roman Republic, 85 BCE
Mint and Date: Rome, 85 BCE.
Size and Weight: 22mm x 20mm, 3.6g
Obverse: MN FONTEI C F AP (MN, NT and AP as monograms)
Laureate head of Apollo right, thunderbolt below, ROMA monogram below chin.
Reverse: Winged Cupid seated on standing goat right, pilei of the dioscuri above, thyrsos of Bacchus in exergue, all within laurel wreath.
(no legend)
Ref: RCV (2000) 271; RSC Fonteia 9
BW Ref: 003 024 020
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