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A bronze coin of Prusias II of Bithynia showing the head of Dionysos and the centaur Cheiron Coin Type: Bronze AE23 of Prusias II Kynegos of Bithynia.
Mint and Date: Bithynia, c. 182-149 BCE
Size and Weight: 22mm x 23mm, 5.32g
Obverse: Head of young Dionysos right, wreathed in ivy.
Reverse: BAΣIΛE(ΩΣ) right, ΠPOYΣIOY left.
Centaur Cheiron lifting right fore and left hind legs and walking right, head facing, playing lyre.
Provenance: numismatiklanz (eBay), March 2011
Ref: GCV 7266 var (no monogram); Recueil Général vol I.II, p. 225, no. 26, 1st listed var.
BW Ref: 001 053 168
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