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A billon antoninianus of the emperor Probus with a reverse showing Salus Coin Type: Billon antoninianus of Probus, 276-282 CE
Mint and Date: Ticinum, 3rd officina, 9th emission; 281 CE
Size and Weight: 23mm x 21mm, 4.02g
Radiate and cuirassed bust left, wearing imperial mantle, holding eagle-tipped sceptre in right hand. (RIC bust type H)
Reverse: SALVS AVG
Salus standing right holding up patera and snake, snake is feeding from the patera.
Field Marks: V in left field
Exergue: TXXI
Provenance: galeria2 (eBay), May 2005
Ref: RCV (2005) —; RIC V 499
BW Ref: 013 028 033
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Note: The V in the left field of the reverse forms part of the signum EQVITI, Ticinum third series.

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