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A provincial coin of the emperor Philip II from Markianopolis in Lower Moesia, with a reverse showing a crested and bearded serpent Coin Type: Bronze pentassarion of Philip II, Caesar 244-247 CE, Augustus 247-249 CE.
Mint and Date: Markianopolis in Lower Moesia, 244-247 CE.
Size and Weight: 27mm, 12.42g
Confronted busts of Philip II right, bare-headed and draped; and Serapis, left, wearing a kalathos.
Exergue: KAICAP
Field Marks: E in upper right field
Reverse: (M)AP-K-IANOΠOΛ
Bearded and crested serpent, coiled, head left.
Exergue: EITΩN
Provenance: antiquarica (eBay), May 2009
Ref: Varbanov (English) 2100; AMNG 1215; Moushmov 861; Hristova/Jekov (2011)
BW Ref: 004 041 140
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