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A holed and broken silver hemidrachm of Neapolis with a nymph on the obverse and a gorgoneion on the reverse Coin Type: Holed and broken silver hemidrachm of Neapolis in Macedonia, 411 - 348 BCE
Mint and Date: Neapolis, 411 - 348 BCE
Size and Weight: 14mm, 1.50g
Obverse: Facing gorgoneion, tongue protruding.
Reverse: Young female head right (Artemis Parthenos?).
N E O Π around head.
Provenance: Aegean Numismatics (Vcoins), April 2008
Ref: GCV 1417 var; Dewing 1069; SNG ANS 436 ff.
BW Ref: 002 037 127
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Note: This coin has a crystallised interior, and broke in transit to me.

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