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A holed silver asper of Manuel I Comnenus of Trebizond with a reverse showing Saint Eugenius Coin Type: Holed silver asper of Manuel I Comnenus, 1238 CE to 1263 CE.
Mint and Date:Constantinople, 1238-1263 CE.
Size and Weight: 20mm x 23mm, 2.82g
Obverse: MNA+ OK
Manuel standing facing, wearing chlamys and holding labarum and akakia, being touched by Manus Dei above right.
Reverse: O AΓ I+ / ЄV ΓЄ NI
St Eugenius, bearded and nimbate, standing facing, holding long cross in right hand.
Provenance: Ancient Numismatic Enterprise (Vcoins), April 2007.
Ref: BCV 2601 var.
BW Ref: 004 031 106
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