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A silver denarius of the emperor Marcus Aurelius as Caesar with a reverse showing Honos Coin Type: Silver denarius of Marcus Aurelius, Caesar 139-161 CE, Augustus 161-180 CE
Mint and Date: Rome, 145 CE.
Size and Weight: 18mm, 3.18g
Bare-headed bust right, some drapery on left shoulder and behind the head.
Reverse: COS II
Honos standing left, holding branch in right hand at waist level in front and cornucopia in left arm.
Provenance: alexandriacoins (eBay), December 2005
Ref: RCV (2002) —; RIC III Antoninus Pius 429(a) var.
BW Ref: 010 028 070
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Note 1: RIC III gives the bust simply as "bare head"; this coin, though not fully draped, clearly has some drapery. Some other examples on WildWinds have the drapery at the back of the neck, but only this one also has the drapery on the left shoulder.

Note 2: This coin is listed on WildWinds under Marcus Aurelius, RIC 429a[pius], example #18.

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