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A bronze coin of Leukas showing Pegasos, Bellerophon and Chimaera Coin Type: Bronze AE16 of Leukas in Arkanania
Mint and Date: Leukas, 350-250 BCE.
Size and Weight: 16mm, 2.9g
Obverse: Bellerophon riding Pegasos right, thrusting with a spear.
Reverse: Chimaera right, as described by Homer, volute krater above.
Provenance: agoracoins (eBay), April 2005
Ref: GCV 2287 var; Lindgren II 1490 var; SNG Cop 370 var
BW Ref: 001 026 022
Note: Said to be better than the Lindgren and SNG plate coins, which do not show the krater (which is often wrongly described as an amphora).
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