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A holed bronze follis of Heraclius with Leo VI with a textual reverse Coin Type: Holed bronze follis of Leo VI, 886-912 CE
Mint and Date: Constantinople, 886-912 CE
Size and Weight: 26mm x 27mm, 6.39g
Obverse: + LЄOn bASILЄVS ROM' *.
Leo enthroned facing, wearing crown and loros, and holding labarum and akakia; throne has curved arms and ornamented back.
Reverse: + LЄOn / Єn ΘЄO bA / SILЄVS R / OmЄOn
Provenance: Ancient Byways (Vcoins), July 2008
Ref: BCV 1728
BW Ref: 001 039 129
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