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A holed bronze follis of Heraclius with Heraclius Constantine, overstruck on a follis of Maurice Tiberius Coin Type: Holed bronze follis of Heraclius, 610-641 CE
Mint and Date: Constantinople, officina 5 (overstruck on Antioch); 612-613 CE
Size and Weight: 30mm x 32mm, 10.52g
Obverse: Remains of legend partly visible; on the left is the underlying reverse mintmark tHEUP.
Heraclius, bearded, on left, and Heraclius Constantine on right, standing facing, each wearing crown and chlamys, and holding globe cross in right hand; cross between.
Reverse: Large M, ANNO to left and II / I to right; cross above; letter Є below. Part of the original (blundered) obverse legend is visible around the edge.
Exergue: CON
Provenance: rombron (eBay), August 2007
Ref: BCV 805
BW Ref: 003 033 113
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Note: This follis of Constantinople has been overstruck on a follis of Maurice Tiberius, regnal year 5, 586-587 CE, minted at Antioch. The "tHEUP" mintmark of the Theoupolis / Antioch mint, which would have been on the reverse of the original coin, is visible completely unaltered to the left of the figures on what is now the obverse. Some of the old obverse legend can be seen on what is now the reverse. A trefoil ornament, typical of Maurice Tiberius, can be seen at what is now 3 o'clock on the reverse. The original regnal year marks can be seen on what is now the bottom of the obverse. Heraclius struck a huge amount of bronze coins that year, and metal was in short supply, so overstrikes are common.

The obverse legend should be, approximately, dd. NN. hЄRACLIuS. ЄT. hЄRA. CONSt. PP. A. but, even when it is legible, it is usually incomplete due to overstriking.

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