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A bronze hemiobol of the emperor Hadrian with a reverse showing a kalathos containing corn ears and poppy heads Coin Type: Bronze hemiobol of Hadrian, 117-138 CE
Mint and Date: Alexandria, 136-137 CE
Size and Weight: 19mm x 20mm, 4.49g
Laureate, draped bust right.
Reverse: Exergue: L KA (Regnal year 21)
Basketwork kalathos containing three corn-ears between two poppy heads, ribboned torches at either side.
Ref: Milne —; (but see 1557-1559)
Provenance: sphinx1150 (eBay); March 2008
BW Ref: 029 037 124
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Note: This differs from the three coins referenced in Milne in that: 1) the obverse legend differs. 2) The bust is fully draped. 3) The kalathos types for those three coins in Milne have the ears of corn and poppy heads placed alternately, as on this coin: Hadrian Milne 1558 var.

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