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A bronze obol of Hadrian from Alexandria, with the remains of two nails. Coin Type: Bronze obol of Hadrian, 117-138 CE
Mint and Date: Alexandria, 129-130 CE
Size and Weight: 24mm, 8.80g
Laureate bust right, wearing cloak and cuirass.
Reverse: Tyche standing left, crowned with a kalathos, wearing long chiton and peplos, resting right hand on a rudder and with a cornucopia in left arm.
Field Marks: LIΔ in left field (regnal year 14).
Ref: RCV (2002) 3811; Milne 1289.
Provenance: wallyworld106 (eBay); October 2007
BW Ref: 025 034 116
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Note: The remains of two nails can be seen embedded in the coin. They are of a darker metal than the coin and are presumably a different alloy, as green copper-based patina has formed more around them than elsewhere on the coin.

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