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A bronze coin of the emperor Gordian III from Hadrianopolis in Thrace showing Pan with lagobalon and syrinx. Coin Type:Bronze AE23 of Gordian III, Caesar 238 CE, Augustus 238-244 CE.
Mint and Date: Hadrianopolis in Thrace, 238-244 CE.
Size and Weight: 22mm x 23mm, 5.90g.
Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from in front.
Reverse: AΔPIANOΠOΛEITΩN (the ΩN ligate)
Goat-legged, horned and bearded Pan running left, holding out his syrinx in his right hand, left hand holding lagobalon ready to throw.
Provenance: Gemini VI lot 654, January 2010; ex Dr. Stephen Gerson collection.
Ref: Varbanov II (English) 3943 (misdescribed); Jurukova, Hadrianopolis, 668 (V277, R634, only 1 specimen, Berlin).
BW Ref: 058 046 153
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Note: This coin was misattributed in the Gemini VI auction catalogue as "Varbanov 3945 (not illustrated, citing two auction specimens)". In fact 3945 is illustrated, and unlike this coin it has a lunate epsilon, and the lagobalon is held low. The correct attribution is Varbanov II (English) 3943; misdescribed by Varbanov, but he references the correct coin in Jurukova, so we know this is the one he means. (Thanks to Curtis Clay for providing the correct reference.)

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