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A silver denarius of the emperor Geta with a reverse showing Mars Coin Type: Silver denarius of Geta, Caesar 198-209 CE, Augustus 209-211 CE
Mint and Date: Laodicea, 202 CE.
Size and Weight: 19mm, 3.68g
Bare-headed, draped bust right, seen from behind.
Mars, helmeted, naked except for cloak flying out left and right behind him, advancing right, holding transverse spear pointing upward to right in right hand and trophy over left shoulder in left.
Ref: RCV (2002) 7179, RIC IV 103; BMCRE p302, 742.
BW Ref: 004 026 031
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Note: Sear dates this coin to 199-200 CE; RIC IV dates it to 203 with a question mark; and BMCRE V dates it to 202 CE.

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