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A billon antoninianus of the emperor Gallienus with a Providentia reverse showing Mercury Coin Type: Billon antoninianus of Gallienus, joint reign with Valerian 254-260 CE, sole reign 260-268 CE.
Mint and Date: Asian Mint (RIC) or Antioch (Göbl and Sear), 265 CE.
Size and Weight: 21mm x 22mm, 3.85g
Radiate, draped bust right.
Mercury standing facing, head left, holding caduceus right and purse left.
Ref: RCV (2005) 10336; RIC V Sole Reign 653 var; Göbl 1651f
Provenance: richardo828 (eBay), October 2011
BW Ref: 083 053 169
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Note: RIC lists this coin only with an exergue of SPQR. Göbl doesn't list the obverse radiate and draped, only radiate, draped and cuirassed.

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