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A brass sestertius of the Roman emperor Domitian with a reverse showing Spes Coin Type: Brass sestertius of Domitian, Caesar 69-79 CE, Augustus 81-96 CE.
Mint and Date: Rome, 73-74 CE.
Size and Weight: 30mm, 20.62g
Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Reverse: S C
Spes advancing left. holding out a flower and lifting the hem of her skirt.
Ref: RCV (2000) 2649; RIC II 694(b), II (2007) 656 (Vespasian); rated R2 (very few examples known or only 1-3 die-combinations known) in RIC II (2007). Identified by Curtis Clay, who says "same obv. die as Paris 692 pl. LIX"
BW Ref: 006 036 002
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Note: This coin is listed on WildWinds under Domitian, RIC 656 [vesp].

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