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A silver tetradrachm of Demetrios I Soter of Seleukia with the ruler's head on the obverse and Tyche seated on the reverse Coin Type: Chipped silver tetradrachm of Demetrios I Soter of Seleukia, 162-150 BCE.
Antioch mint, 155-154 BCE.
Size and Weight: 32mm x 31mm, 15.87g
Obverse: Diademed head right within wreath.
Tyche, holding sceptre and cornucopia, seated left on throne supported by tritoness right.
Field Marks: Monograms at outer left.
Exergue:HNP (date) = 158 Seleucid Era = 155-154 BCE.
Provenance: numismatiklanz (eBay), December 2013.
Ref: SC 1641.3a; HGC 9, 798. (Not verified.)
BW Ref: 001 055 169
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