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A potin Alexandrian coin of the emperor Antoninus Pius with a reverse showing the Agathodaemon serpent. Coin Type: Potin diobol of Antoninus Pius, Caesar 138 CE, Augustus 138-161 CE
Mint and Date: Alexandria, 151-152 CE.
Size and Weight: 23mm, 7.42g.
Laureate head right with light drapery on far shoulder and behind head.
Reverse: The serpent Agathodaemon erect to right, bearded, wearing the skhent.
Field Marks: LI in left field, Є in right (regnal year 15).
Provenance: del550 (eBay), October 2009
Ref: Milne 2125 var (Milne has laureate bust wearing cloak and cuirass, back view; and regnal year 14).
BW Ref: 029 043 147
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Note 1: Sear gives the material of this coin type as billon, but any coin with the red encrustation shown by this one must have a reasonable proportion of lead in its mix, therefore I call it potin.

Note 2: Milne calls this coin a diobol; Sear would call it an obol.

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