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A bronze coin of Abdera in Thrace showing a griffin Coin Type: A bronze coin of Abdera in Thrace, 281-200 BCE
Size and Weight: 23mm x 24mm, 6.67g
Obverse: Head of Apollo right, laureate and with long hair, within circle of dots, wide placed.
Griffin lying left, pointed wing almost horizontal, beak closed, right forefoot raised, the second wing visible in front of the neck; grain-ear above; all in slightly deepened field.
Field Marks: Æ monogram in left field.
Provenance: Numismatiklanz (eBay), December 2008
Ref: AMNG II, 238
BW Ref: 001 054 135
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Note 1: Thanks to Jochen on the Forum Classical Numismatics Discussion Board for identifying this coin.

Note 2: The Omega character, the second last in the ethnic, can be distinguished from an A by the lack of a crossbar. For comparison, the second A in AΛEΞANΔPOY has a visible crossbar.

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