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Salus and Her Snake

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Sign Language

Of Roman Coins

Minerva Resting on Her Shield

Reverse Types and Symbolism

Roman coins used many different types of reverse over the half-millennium lifetime of the Empire. There were even more during the earlier Rebublican and Imperatorial periods. These designs were usually propaganda, either directly or indirectly. That is, they made a point or displayed a message that the current Emperor wanted to put across.

These designs were full of symbolism. Images say more than words, especially across a wide empire with many different native languages and much illiteracy. I certainly can't say that I understand it all, but I am starting to get the idea.

--------------------------------- Gods and Goddesses ---------------------------------

These were some of the Romans' major deities.


--------------------------------- Minor Deities, Virtues and Personifications ---------------------------------

These are strong images and ideas that did not have major godly status.


--------------------------------- Crossing Categories ---------------------------------

Symbolism that worked in many contexts.

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