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List of Additions To This Site

This table shows the main additions to the site, so that anyone returning will know where they can find something new. I wrote the first pages in February 2004, then revised and updated them and added several sections, including this one, in December 2004.

From 21 February 2006, this version of the site is hosted by Forvm Ancient Coins. The previous version has run out of web space and has been discontinued, leaving only links to this one. This version has all partial coin images clickable to show a full photo and details of the coin, and will also continue to get new coins, new pages, and better-looking pages.

I used to add a line every time I added a new coin, but this was just making the list unreasonably long. So in November 2005, I cut it down to a line each time I add a new section or do a major re-write of one. This doesn't mean that these are the only updates. I add coins, and revise and refine the text in smaller ways, very often. From now on, there will be a bar at the bottom of each page showing when it was last updated.

New additions are shown at the top of the list.

Date Added Link to Section Addition
29 January 2011 River Gods on Ancient Coins Added a page about horny, bullish river gods and the later reclining deities.
27 January 2011 Keeping Detail in the Highlights Added a new section about how not to lose detail from the highlights of coin photos. Made this a new page, with part of an earlier page (about reducing glare) moved from its old position and added to the end.
21 January 2011 Hercules, the Heavy Hitter Added a page about Hercules, strong of muscle and hard of head.
8 November 2010 Romulus and Remus, Founders of Rome Added a page about the "wolf and twins" and the deified Romulus on Roman coins, together with some other twins.
4 November 2010 Pan and his Lagobalon on Ancient Coins Added a page about the strange object carried by Pan.
3 November 2010 Gods of the Solar System on Roman Coins Added a page relating the coins to the planets.
10 September 2010 Vulcan, God of Fire and the Forge Added a page about Vulcan on Roman coins.
19 August 2010 Ancient Vessels on Ancient Coins Extended and changed the page that was previously just about amphoras and kraters.
29 June 2010 Saturn, God of the Golden Age Added another page about another deity.
6 April 2010 Numismatic Bulgarian Added a page translating some Bulgarian words useful when reading coin reference books in that language.
9 February 2010 An Amphora, You Say? Added a page about the things that coin books call Amphoras and what most of them really are.
4 February 2010 Nobilitas — Their Illustrious Ancestry Added a page about Nobilitas on Roman coins.
18 December 2009 Ancient Coins showing Sacred Stones Added a page about coins that show baetyls and other sacred stones.
13 December 2009 Snakes on a Coin Added a page showing many different images of serpents on ancient coins.
22 June 2009 Dionysos and Father Liber Added a page about Dionysos, Father Liber and how they are related.
7 March 2009 Ancient Coins showing Athena's Aegis New pages will be written in XHTML 1.0 strict, instead of the old HTML 4.01 transitional. Old pages will be gradually converted, starting with the Aegis page, which was converted today. This should be completely transparent to anyone not looking at the source code. (Completed on 11th March 2009)
19 January 2009 The Blessed Moon — Luna and Selene Added a page about moon goddesses on Roman coins.
29 November 2008 Neptune, the Sea God Added a page about Neptune on Roman coins.
20 October 2008 Hellenistic Names and their Meanings Added a page which attempts to translate all the strange names given to Hellenistic rulers to distinguish between them in the days before monarchs were assigned numbers.
29 July 2008 Our Grandfather — Edward Allen Sydenham Added an article about the author of several standard Roman coin reference books, by his granddaughter Elizabeth Millward.
18 July 2008 Fides: Loyalty and Trust. Added a page showing Roman coins with a Fides reverse.
8 July 2008 Roman Coins as Modern Wedding Gifts. Added a page showing Roman coins which express sentiments that make them suitable as modern wedding gifts.
1 July 2008 Earth Water, Fire and Air on Ancient Coins. Added a page showing coins which can be taken to symbolise the four classical elements.
21 June 2008 Happy Families. Added a page of Roman coins showing children.
10 June 2008 Ancient Monsters on Ancient Coins. Added a page of coins with reverses showing monsters.
28 May 2008 Venus, Ancestress of Rome. Added a small page about the goddess Venus on Roman coins.
21 May 2008 Chaste Modesty. Added a small page about Pudicitia on Roman coins.
25 April 2008 Shining Apollo, the Far Shooter. Added a page about Apollo on Roman coins.
14 April 2008 Fifth Century Holed Coins. Added a page for the 5th century to my Holed Coins gallery pages.
4 April 2008 Photographing Coins using Extension Tubes. Added a page into the coin photography section about using extension tubes to get a greater amount of magnification of a coin's surface.
4 March 2008 Emperors by RIC and RCV volume. Following a discussion on Forum about the quality of coin attributions, I made up this table showing which RIC volume to go to if you see a reference that just gives a number.
4 February 2008 Holed Coin Gallery Index. The holed coins gallery was getting too large and unwieldy, so I split it into separate pages with an index or title page.
24 January 2008 Identifying Spes Coins. Removed a section on identification from the end of the Spes page, which was too long; and expanded it into a page in its own right.
21 January 2008 Sol, Serapis, Diana, Cybele, and Mars Started a process of updating coin images to the full round, and revising the text, on some older pages. My pages on the major gods have all been done. More to come.
6 January 2008 Ancient Coins showing Athena's Aegis Trimmed out some aegis coins from my Story of Medusa page, they were getting in the way of the story; set up a fresh page with more details and more aegis coins.
3 January 2008 Mercury and his Magic Wand Added a page about Mercury, god of prosperity and thieves, psychopomp.
29 December 2007 Juno, Queen of the Gods Added a page about Juno, Queen of the Gods, goddess of marriage and childbirth.
23 November 2007 Holed Ancient Coins The old holed coins page is now labelled as a gallery, and a new page has been added discussing the types of holed coins and their uses.
14 June 2007 Diana the Huntress A new page about the virginal huntress and bringer of light on ancient coins.
7 June 2007 Photographing the Edges of Coins An addition to my coin photography section showing a technique for photographing coin edges.
30 May 2007 Aelia Flacilla Added pointers to all the mini-pages to the last and next coins, starting with this one. Also split off a new section in the index file for Romaion coins.
22 May 2007 Publius and Lucius were Brothers. A new page showing portraits on coins of Geta and Caracalla growing from youth to maturity.
11 May 2007 Isis, Goddess of the Nile. A new page about this major foreign deity in Rome.
22 April 2007 Galleys  —  Safe Journeys and Sea Power. A new page showing galleys on Roman coins.
27 January 2007 Pietas  —  Their Pious Duty A new page showing several ways of illustrating the piety of emperors and their wives.
26 November 2006 Books about Ancient Coins and their Cultures Started a section detailing all the references I use, and placed links from coin pages to the most commonly used ones.
17 November 2006 Serapis, invented in Egypt Collated the material about Serapis onto a single page and added detail.
13 November 2006 Happiness, Cheerfulness and Joy Added a new page about Felicitas, Hilaritas and Laetitia.
10 November 2006 Heads in Hands Rewrote this section and added some new coins.
30 August 2006 Crystallisation and Embrittlement Completely rewrote this section and added some new photographs and close-ups.
24 August 2006 Photographing Ancient Coins Added a whole new set of pages on coin photography with its own menu.
18 June 2006 The Horn of Plenty A new page showing the many uses of a magical goat's horn.
6 May 2006 Analysis of Hut Coins A new page showing details and differences on "hut" type coins.
20 April 2006 The Zoroastrian Fire Altar A new section showing the spread of Zoroastrian symbolism on ancient coins.
19 April 2006 Barbarians, Soldiers, Huts and Trees This page has now been arranged to show RIC references of all known types, with links to those I have examples of.
11 April 2006 Index of coins shown on this site New section added which is a simple index to all the coin mini-pages on this site.
19 March 2006 Barbarians, Soldiers, Huts and Trees This page has been reorganised and expanded to make use of the extra web space. Coins have been referenced to RIC and LRBC, and large scale images are available.
24 January 2006 The Personification of Eternity Progress begins on making partial coin images clickable to show the complete coin. That means most of the coins on this site, starting with the Aeternitas page. Also, some of the photos will be re-taken. (Note on 1 April 2006: This is now done, also the pages have all been spruced up.)
21 January 2006 Heads in Hands A new page showing coins with people carrying heads.
16 January 2006 Tracing a Holed Tetradrachm A new page about Pierre Monney's tetradrachm and how its recent history was traced.
15 January 2006 The Mother Goddess A new section about a goddess whose priests lacked important genitalia.
14 January 2006 Coins of the Month A new section showing individual coins of interest, in detail. This will build up month by month.
12 January 2006 Holed Ancient Coins Many new coins since this page was first produced, so I have reorganised it by century.
1 January 2006 Sol and Oriens – the rise and fall of a superhero This page was radically re-written and re-organised to show more about the cult of Sol Invictus.
24 November 2005 Virtus and Her Parazonium A new section about a character who is often mistaken for a man.
12 November 2005 Barbarians, Soldiers, Huts and Trees Rewrote this completely and cut down the number of pics, to make space for more sections. I currently have to work within a limit of 20 megabytes.
11 November 2005 Earthquake Weather. Added a new, small section with coins that followed quakes.
6 November 2005 "Crystallised" Coins. Re-wrote the text for this section and added an extra coin.
19 October 2005 Depressions around Lettering on Some Roman Coins. Added a new, dry, technical section, interesting to experts.
22 September 2005 Home Page Received the Forvm Award for Numismatic Excellence – and added the logo to the site!
14 September 2005 About This Site Added a page covering photo technique, HTML, and acknowledgements of help.
15 August 2005 Bonus Eventus reverse type Reorganised this page and put in a coin with a better image of Bonus Eventus.
12 August 2005 Flow Marks and Halos on Roman Coins Added another coin with hollows round the lettering, and more disputation.
9 August 2005 Unique Ancient Coins. Added four new categories: overstrikes, legend blunders, holed coins and banker's marks; and two interesting coins.
8 August 2005 Branches Everywhere Added a new page about people waving foliage.
24 April 2005 Unique Ancient Coins. Added a new page about unique ancient coins and how easy it is to find them.
16 March 2005 Securitas and that Handy Column New section showing an attitude of carefree confidence.
11 February 2005 Hairstyles of the Rich and Famous Added a new section tracing hairstyles over 600 years.
3 February 2005 Site Map. Added a simple site map and linked to it from all pages.
29 January 2005 The Untold Secrets of Ancient Coins. Added a section containing the hidden secrets of the ancients.
29 January 2005 The Story of Medusa on Ancient Coins Revised this section and added a couple of new photos at the bottom.
28 January 2005 Barbarians, Soldiers, Huts and Trees Added a new section showing many variations of a single coin.
16 January 2005 Glossary Added an explanation of technical and hobbyist words.
5 January 2005 Aurelian or Alice? The long-necked emperor. New section showing how Aurelian's neck grew.
4 January 2005 Sol and Oriens – the rise and fall of a superhero. New reverse type section with an active and aggressive subject.
4 January 2005 Ceres, Annona and the Corn Supply. New reverse type section showing how coins advertised the feeding of Rome.
3 January 2005 Salus and her Snake. New reverse type section with a wriggly theme.
1 January 2005 Flow Marks and Halos on Roman Coins New section on coins with flow marks and halos. Quite technical.
30 December 2004 Useful Links New section with links to useful or interesting sites.
29 December 2004 Pegasus on Ancient Coins New section with various representations of Pegasus.
28 December 2004 Boys Riding Goats New reverse type section with an unusual theme.
28 December 2004 Holed Ancient Coins New section showing some coins holed in antiquity.
27 December 2004 The Story of Medusa on Ancient Coins New section showing the story of Medusa on ancient coins.

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