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Note #1: Torriglia coins have tremendous personal significance to me. First, they were minted in the town of Torriglia. My
paternal grandfather was born and raised in the village of Fontanigorda. My paternal grandmother was born here in the
USA. Her parents (my great grandparents) were from the village of Loco di Rovegno. Torriglia, Fontanigorda, and
Loco di Rovegno are part of a cluster of small towns and villages up in the mountains outside of Genoa, Italy.
They are located in the Trebbia River Valley, in the Liguria/Piemonte region of Italy. For many centuries,
Torriglia was considered a sort of "county seat". Administration buildings are located there, etc. If someone
lived in Fontanigorda, he would have to travel to Torriglia to take care of any official business.

Note #2: Second, these coins were issued by Violante Doria Lomellini. Several years ago, I researched my ancestry.
I combined that knowledge with information that was provided to me by my relatives, some of whom, to this day,
still live in the Genoa, Italy area. I know that Doge Giacomo Lomellini of Genoa was one of my ancestors. I am
one of his descendents. Violante Lomellini was his granddaughter. She married Giovanni Andrea III Doria, who
was the nephew of Admiral Andrea Doria. It was probably an arranged marriage, to preserve nobility. I am
somewhat/reasonably certain that I am a descendent of that marriage, but I am not 100% certain. If I can
confirm this, then that would mean that Violante Lomellini and Giovanni Doria were my ancestors. It would
also mean that I am a direct descendent of Violante Lomellini, the woman who issued these coins.

Italy, Torriglia (Liguria), Violante Doria Lomellini, wife of Giovanni Andrea III Doria,
regent, 1654-1671, AR Luigino, dated 1665, 21 mm, 2.16g
female bust (Violante Doria Lomellini?)/
coat (shield) of arms, containing 2 lilies, eagle, and pellet
CNI III, 7, MIR (Varesi) II, 569,
Cammarano 383, Very Rare (R2)
Posted January 2019

Note #1: Torriglia coins typically range in rarity from Scarce (NC) to Extremely Rare (R5).
On the reverse of the less rare issues, there is a crowned coat (shield) of arms containing
3 lilies and a crest/comb. On the reverse of this rarer issue, there is a crowned coat
(shield) of arms containing 2 lilies and an eagle. The crest/comb is deleted.

Note #2: An eagle is a symbol of the Doria family of Genoa.

Italy, Torriglia (Liguria), Violante Doria Lomellini, wife of Giovanni Andrea III Doria,
regent, 1654-1671, AR Luigino, dated 1668
female bust (Violante Doria Lomellini?)/
* BONITATIS VNCIARVM QVINQVE, crowned coat (shield)
of arms, containing 3 lilies and crest (or comb?), 1668
CNI III --- (vgl. 12), MIR (Varesi) II --- (vgl. 571/4),
Cammarano --- (vgl. 398), Extremely Rare (R5),
unpublished(?), unique(?)
Posted February 2017

Note #1: This issue has a reverse that depicts a crowned coat (shield) of arms, which
contains 3 lilies. Above the lilies, there is an object. Some references books
describe that object as a crest, but other reference books describe it as a comb.

Note #2: This specimen appears to have previously unknown legends.
It is probably unique and unpublished.