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Medieval Italy

House of Savoy, Part 1

Amedeo III - Filippo

1103 - 1334

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Italy, House of Savoy, Amedeo III, 1103-1148, AR denaro Secusino,
Susa mint, Type I, 0.66g
AMEDEVSo, cross patente, pellet in 2 quarters/
SECVSIAo, 3 pellets in a line
MIR (Varesi) 15a, Biaggi 2649
Posted March 2017

Italy, House of Savoy, Acaia, Filippo di Savoia, 1301-1334,
AR Tornese, Torino mint, 0.98g
+ PhILIP PRICES, cross, pellet in quarter/
+ TORInVS CIVIS, star, 2 pellets
MIR (Varesi) (Rami volume) 8-9, CNI 7-9,
Biaggi 2664(R), Rare (R1)
Posted March 2017

Note: I wasn't sure if I should include this coin here in this page, or if I should put it
in my Colonial Savoy page. Apparently, it was issued for Acaia, but it was minted
in Torino. The reverse legend includes a reference to Torino. However, Varesi
includes this issue in his Rami volume, not in his House of Savoy volume.