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Himera - Kalakte

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Sicily, Himera, 493-407 BC, AR Hexas, 2.31g
youth on horseback (or nude rider on goat?),
blowing on conch shell/
IME, Nike flying, holding aphlaston
SNG ANS 185, Rare (R1)
Posted December 2015

Sicily, Himera, ca. 410 BC, AE Hemilitron, 15 mm
IME, head of Nymph/
6 pellets in laurel wreath
Calciati I, 43, 35, SNG ANS 186
Posted December 2015

Sicily, Iaitos (Iaetia), Roman Rule, after ca. 241 BC, AE 17, 4.04g
head of young warrior wearing helmet
surmounted by mural crown, palm branch/
IAITINΩN, warrior wearing similar helmet,
standing, holding spear and sheild resting on ground
Calciati 4, Very Rare (R2 or R3)
Posted December 2015

Sicily, Kalakte, 241-210 BC, AE 20
head of Athena wearing Attic helmet, symbol (ear of barley?)/
KAΛAKTINΩN, owl standing on amphora
SNG ANS 1197, Scarce (NC) or Rare (R1)
Posted December 2015

Sicily, Kalakte, 240-210 BC, AE Quadrans, 15 mm, 2.689g
wreathed head of young Dionysos, thyrsos over shoulder/
KAΛAKTINΩN, bunch of grapes on vine tendril
SNG ANS 1200, Calciati I, p. 129, 2 Ds 1, SNG Morcom 545,
BMC Sicily p. 32, 3, HGC 2, 513, Rare (R1)
Posted July 2017