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Lucania, Herakleia, 432-420 BC, AR diobol, 0.90g
bearded head of Herakles, wearing
lion's skin headdress/
HE, lion
SNG ANS 5, HN Italy 1358, Rare (R1)
Posted November 2018

Lucania, Heraklea, ca. 415-400 BC, AR Stater, 20mm, 7.46g
head of Athena wearing olive wreath, against background
of aegis with intertwined serpents/
Herakles seated on rock draped with lion skin, holding skyphos (one-handled
jug), resting arm on rock; below, club and scallop shell
SNG ANS 45, HN Italy 1362, Very Rare (R2)
Posted February 2018

Lucania, Heraklea, ca. 350 BC, AR didrachm
ͰHPAKΛHIΩN, head of Athena wearing
Corinthian helmet decorated with Skylla, E/
Herakles standing, holding club, lion skin, and bow; owl
SNG ANS 77, Grose 845
Posted December 2015

Lucania, Herakleia, 3rd century BC, AE Obol, 7.03g
2 Herakles walking, each holding club and patera/
Athena standing, sacrificing from patera
over flaming altar, holding spear, shield
HN Italy 1447, SNG ANS 100 (var.?)
Posted April 2016

Lucania, Heraklea, 3rd century BC(?), AE 13, 2.8g
head of Athena wearing laureate Attic helmet, object(?)/
Herakles standing, holding club, lion skin, and patera
SNG ANS 101-110
Posted December 2015

Note: The dealer mis-attributed this coin as Bruttium.

Lucania, Herakleia, 3rd - 1st century BC, AE 16, 2.70g
head of Athena wearing Corinthian helmet/
Marine deity (Gleukos?), holding shield and spear, star
SNG ANS 116, HN Italy 1437, Very Rare (R2)
Posted July 2016

Lucania, Herakleia, ca. 281-278 BC, AE 13, 2.61g
head of Athena facing, wearing crested Attic
helmet, owl standing on branch(?)/
SNG ANS 123, HN Italy 1436, Van Keuren 143
Posted February 2018