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Neapolis, Silver, Part 1

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Note: Campania coins have personal significance to me. My maternal grandparents came
from the Campania region of Italy. They were both born and raised in Maddaloni, a
medium-sized town outside of Naples. Maddaloni is located in Caserta provence.

Campania, Neapolis, ca. 450-420 BC, AR didrachm, 22mm, 7.25g
female head (nymph?)/
NEOΠOΛI (retrograde), man-faced bull walking,
symbol (fish or grain ear?) in exergue
SNG ANS 276-277 var.,
SNG Cop. ---, HN Italy 546,
Rutter 19, Very Rare (R2)
Posted November 2018

Note: This specimen is one the first coins ever struck at Neapolis.

Campania, Neapolis, ca. 420-400 BC, AR didrachm, 20mm, 7.13g
diademed head of nymph (Parthenope?) facing/
man-faced bull walking
SNG ANS ---, cf. SNG ANS 269 (Hyria),
SNG Cop. 385 var., HN Italy 553,
Rutter 67-71, Very Rare (R2)
Posted February 2018

Note #1: The legend on the reverse of this example appears to be a
combination of Greek and a local Campanian language (Oscan?).

Note #2: On the reverse of this example, in exergue, there appears to be a few
letters or symbols. One of those letters looks like an upside-down letter "A".

Campania, Neapolis, 400-360 BC, AR Nomos, 7.15g
head of nymph, symbol (E or Σ?)/
man-faced bull walking, Nike flying above, crowning bull
Posted November 2015

Campania, Neapolis, ca. 320-300 BC, AR Obol, 11 mm, 0.47g
laureate male head, Y(?)/
Herakles kneeling, fighting Nemean lion, club
cf. SNG ANS 310-314 (head R.), HN Italy 572,
Rare (R1 or R2)
Posted January 2016

Campania, Neapolis, 320-300 BC, AR Nomos, 7.39g
ΔIOΦANOYΣ, diademed head of nymph wearing
earring and necklace, bunch of grapes/
NEOΠOΛITHΣ, man-faced bull walking, crowned
by Nike flying above, monogram ΠΔ or ΓΔ
Posted November 2015

Campania, Neapolis, 320-280 BC, AR Nomos, 7.46g
diademed head of nymph Parthenope, wearing
earring and necklace, kantharos, ΔI/
NEOΠOΛITHΣ, man-faced bull walking,
crowned by Nike flying above
SNG ANS 320, Sambon, Italie 447
Posted July 2017