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Skylletium - Vibo Valentia

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Bruttium, Skylletium, 350-325 BC, AE 21, 8.95g
head of man wearing pileus/
monster Skylla
SNG ANS 800, HN Italy 2565, Very Rare (R2)
Posted November 2015

Bruttium, Terina, ca. 445-425 BC, AR didrachm, 7.60g
head of nymph Terina wearing ampyx, all within wreath/
Nike seated on overturned amphora, holding wreath
SNG ANS 804, Holloway/Jenkins 15, Rare early issue
Posted November 2015

Bruttium, Terina, 356-300 BC, AR drachm, 2.14g
TEPINAIΩN, head of nymph Terina, triskeles(?)/
Nike seated on cippus, bird on hand, Δ
SNG ANS 859-866 var., H-J 101, HN 2642
Posted October 2016

Bruttium, Terina, ca. 350-275 BC, AE 17, 5.48g
female (nymph Terina?) head/
TEPI, hare running
SNG ANS 887-888, HN Italy 2645, Rare (R1)
Posted September 2021

Bruttium, Terina, 4th century BC, AE 16
head of nymph/
TEPI, crab, crescent
SNG ANS 889, SNG Cop. 2037
Posted November 2015

Bruttium, Vibo Valentia, 192-89 BC, AE Triens, 4.50g
helmeted head of Athena/
VALENTIA, owl standing, bull butting
SNG ANS 484 var., SNG Cop. 1850
bull symbol: SNG ANS 471 and 480
Posted November 2015

Bruttium, Vibo Valentia, ca. 192-89 BC, AE Sextans, 14 mm, 2.00g
laureate head of Apollo, 2 pellets/
VALENTIA, lyre, 2 pellets
SNG ANS 494, SNG Cop. 1856, SNG Munchen 1395,
BMC Italy p. 363, 31, HN Italy 2266
Posted November 2018