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Isaac II - Andronikos II

1185-1320 AD

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Isaac II, 1185-1195 AD, AE (or billon?) Trachy (Scyphate), Constantinople mint
MP-ΘV, nimbate Virgin Mary seated facing, holding baby Jesus/
ICAAKIOC DECPOTH, crowned Isaac II standing facing, wearing loros,
holding cross-topped sceptre and akakia, star
SB 2003
Posted April 2019

Alexius III, 1195-1203 AD, AE Trachy (Scyphate)
IC-XC, nimbate bust of Jesus Christ facing, holding scroll/
crowned Alexius III and nimbate St. Constantine (Constantine the Great) standing
facing, both wearing loros and holding labarum and cross on globe
SB 2011-2013
Posted April 2019

Note: The Fourth Crusade occurred during the reign of Alexius III.

Latin Emperors, 1204-1261 AD, AE Trachy, Constantinople mint, 1.47g
nimbate bust of Jesus Christ facing/
St. Michael standing facing
S. 2036
Posted April 2019

Michael VIII Palaeologos, 1261-1282 AD, AE Trachy, Thessaloniki mint, 2.56g
bust of St. Demetrios/
Michael VIII and St. Michael standing facing, holding sword
S. 2296, Rare (R1)
Posted April 2019

Andronikos II and Michael IX, 1295-1320 AD, AE Assarion,
Constantinople mint
Andronikos II and Michael IX standing facing/
legend in 4 lines:
DOC 689, S. 2440, Scarce (NC)
Posted April 2019