CONSTANTINE AUGUSTUS CAESAR - An error in a copy of a Ticinum coin

Hard though it is to believe when one looks at the quality of the coin the top reduced follis is a contemporary imitation. It purports to be a coin struck by the mint at Ticinum, Pavia in northern Italy, but slight irregularities in the design and legends betray it.

Look at the obverse legend, instead of reading "CONSTANTINVS AVG" actually reads "CONSTAINVS AVG". The portrait features, whilst not being too outrageous are just too crude. The reverse bears the legend of a Caesar, probably that used for Crispus, declaring "DOMINOR NOSTROR CAESS" which would never have appeared on a proper coin of Constantine Augustus and the lettering is just not quite right somehow.

A genuine issue from the Ticinum mint is shown below it. It too has crude lettering, particularly on the reverse, but appears to be just that little more plausible.

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2001 RJB