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In early in January 2005 two metal detectorists uncovered a hoard of Gallic Empire coins from Suffolk (I am not going to disclose the name of the settlement on the web at present in order to protect it).

The hoard comprised of 1026 coins from the joint reign of Valerian and Gallienus through to a single coin of Probus and may thus date from c279 AD. A similar hoard was discovered nearby in the C19th and this deposit may be related to the earlier find.

This page is going to serve as a blog through the cleaning and identification of the hoard.

Sat 10 Dec 2005

Even with Christmas shopping I have had chance to do some work cleaning the hoard. I've been working on the 100+ Gallienus sole reign portion.

There are mainly Rome mint specimens, including many "animal" series from the last issue. Quite a few retain their silvering which is pleasing.

There are a few Milan (and one Siscia), including this dated reverse with Roma seated left.

Another interesting Milan coin that has turned up is this badly mis-struck obverse with two die impressions at right angles to each other.


Sun 4 Dec 2005

Cleaning the Claudius II has produced a few silvered coins so far including this SECVRIT AVG (RIC 100) from the fourth issue at the Rome mint on a huge flan:

Sat 3 Dec 2005

Wonderful silver Victorinus barb emerges from the crud (below) and a very grotty Marius (RIC 18).

Thurs 1 Dec 2005

The uncertain Gallics are started, followed by the "barbs".

Sat 26 Nov 2005

Started the clean last night, the grottiest of the bags - the "uncertain" coins. What is apparent is how good some of the coins from the worst bag are.

Weds 23 Nov 2005

Bought the caustic & glycerin to begin the cleaning process! The encrustation on a lot of the hoard means I have to be prepared for drastic cleaning methods.

Tues 15th Nov 2005

Searching through the uncleaned hoard I came across a very scarce late Postumus antoninianus from the Cologne mint, reverse PM TRP X COS V PP, Victory right inscribing a shield (RIC 295).

Monday 14th Nov 2005

The hoard has arrived! The one coin that I bought the hoard for, the coin of the joint rulers Tetricus I & II is much better than the web photo off Ebay. Obverse IMPP TETRICIS AVGG, reverse PAX AVG, RIC - (cf 212)