Marcus Aurelius, 161-80 AD Philip II, 247-9 AD

This website is dedicated to Roman coinage and history, particularly that of the third century AD. I hope to aim its contents at both collectors and students alike and, with a bit of luck, encourage others to take an interest in the hobby of collecting Roman coins. I know they are my generous hosts and I am biased but I would recommend that you visit the FORVM site and discussion board.

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CARAUSIUS - My interest in the reign and coinage of Carausius has led me to begin to construct the following pages                       


CARAUSIUS - "Marti Fautori" - Innovation or Copy? VALERIAN II - An Error from the Gallic Mint CONSTANTINE AUGUSTUS - An error in a copy of a Ticinum coin
HANNIBALLIANUS REX - An obscure fourth century issue SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS - Two Eastern mint denarii A LAUREATE TACITUS BRONZE - The second recorded example of a rare coin of Tacitus
ROMAN TEMPLES - A small collection of temples on Roman and Greek Imperial coins THE GALLIC EMPIRE - The antoniniani of Postumus, Laelian, Marius, Victorinus and the Tetrici POSTUMUS' BRONZE The sestertii and double sestertii of postumus
MACRINUS AND DIADUMENIAN - A brief history AN UNUSUAL CROWN FOR GALLIENUS A strange variation to the usual radiate crown VALERIAN I (?) - A bronze coin from Pisidian Antioch
GALLIC CONSULS - An introduction to officials not named on the coinage HELP 1 - Can anybody help me and identify this Roman provincial coin? HELP 2 - Can anybody help me with two more provincials?
GALLIC EMPIRE CATALOGUE - A concordance between RIC and Elmer of the antoniniani of the Gallic Empire [Laelianus, Marius, Domitianus, Tetricus I & II] (Excel format) THIRD CENTURY IMMITATIONS - A brief examination of the "Barbarous Radiate" phenomena AURELIAN - A biography and discussion of numismatic themes during the reign of Aurelian
BICHARACTAM PECUNIA - Inscriptional evidence for the name of a late Roman coin denomination  THE SUFFOLK HOARD - A blog detailng the cleaning of a third century Gallic coin hoard from Suffolk - Updated 10 Dec 05 THE WAKEFIELD HOARD - A small unpublished denarius hoard found in the late 1990's
"......CONS AVG" - A page dedicated to the coins of Gallienus from the Rome mint with the CONS AVG legend




Doug Smith A huge and very informative set of pages on ancient coins, well illustrated too. May soon disappear which would be a shame. Mike Vosper A Norfolk based dealer in ancient and mediaeval coins with useful web links. Numismatic Books If you like numismatic books Lee Toone's site is a must: news of books for sale and an index of on-line texts
BANS The British Association of Numismatic Societies - find like minded people in your own area! SNG The British volumes of the Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum online, an on-going project! Gordian III A comprehensive on-line collection
Philip I & Family A comprehensive on-line collection Gallienus A comprehensive on-line collection catalogued by Göbl number Wildwinds database A huge illustrated database of ancient coins
Forvm Coins American dealers in ancient coins with a very good discussion board. Moushmov's Catalogue An on-line catalogue of the Balkan Greek Imperials Antioch in Pisidia An outline history illustrated with coin types
Coinage of Moesia Inferior and Thrace A site in German and English specialising in coins from these provinces A site with much information on early Roman countermarks and more besides Another good site for information on early Imperial countermarks plus much more
Roman Britain Guy de la Bedoyere's site covering a number of aspects of Roman life including a page on Carausius Carausius and Allectus An informative page by Ken Elks on the coinage of the two British usurpers The Perseus Project Ancient texts in translation
Chard Manufacturing jewellers and coin dealers, this site is a mine of information from ancient coins to modern bullion issues A large site dedicated to the coins of Probus "Lord Best's gallery" A site that includes a good portrait gallery of Roman emperors and their families from sculpture in the round
Severus Alexander The coins and history surrounding the last member of the family of Septimius Severus to rule the empire Probus Another large site dedicated to the coins of Probus Septimius Severus B Murphy's collection and site on denarii of the Severan dynasty
Four Bad Years A good collection of bronzes combined with the history of the turbulent years 249-53AD Gallienus' Zoo A site about the "animal" series of coins of Gallienus, very helpful for scarve varieties of commonly seen coins Probus Maridvnvm's expanding site on the issues of Probus from the Lugdunum mint
Philip Antioch A very good site studying the eastern antoninianus issues of Philip I and his family Trajan Decius "Divi" coins A good discussion of the "Divi" series of coins of Trajan Decius Jamesicus' London Mint site A site dedicated to the history and coins of the Gallic Empire The Britannic coinage of Constantius A detailed site dealing with the British coinage in the aftermath of the Carausian revolt   

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