Another puzzle! A coin of Septimius Severus from a provincial mint with Latin legends that are pretty much indecipherable on the reverse (not a good start). Those on the obverse start at 1 o'clock and reading clockwise are IMP [......] PIVS PERT AVG. The reverse has Nike advancing left. The diameter is 19 mm and the weight is 5.12 grammes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I've worked this one out! It's from Heliopolis (Baalbek) in Coele (Ref: Lindgren III 1266), CO HEL can just be seen to the left of Nike.

This second coin is also a provincial, but this time there is not even an imperial portrait to offer a clue. The obverse has the helmeted bust of Athena right. The reverse has Asklepios standing. The coin is small, diameter is approximately 14 mm and the weight is 1.45 grammes. There are traces of an ethnic on the reverse beginning with A (AQENAIWN?) and the coin is about the module of the smallest Athenian coins under Gallienus. Can anyone confirm this as an issue from Athens?

I was right (although its taken over two years to get there), this coin is from Athens (reverse reads AQENA) and is one of the last civic coins from the city. A catalogue reference for the coin is Svoronos pl. 98, no. 12 (he ascribed it to the 2nd century). 

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